How to..

Go to the Units page and you will find a PLC (Personal Learning Checklist), print this out and fill it in. Concentrate on the Nope and Bad for Units 1 to 5 first, then Units 6-15. Goto each unit page and print out the revision booklet (Ongoing task - Units 1-8 done so far). Read them and then look at the worksheets and videos document. Follow the links and develop your knowledge.

Open the Docs

The content of each page is stored in a Google Document.

Press on the Document and in the top right of the document a black square with an arrow will appear. Press it and it will open the document in google drive.

File - Make a Copy and you can save this into your own area and make you own notes on the computer.

How to Use the Websites

How to use the Websites

This will show you what is in each of the websites that we have linked to.

Active Learn for KS4 Students

Active Learn

How to Annotate


How to Geogebra Graphs

Geogebra Graphs

How to use Geogebra Shape

Geogebra Shapes