GCSE Higher

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This isn't homework, this is to help you with self study. Each unit is divided up into it's sub-units and we have been trying to get you links. It is a work in progress.

We used

CorbettMaths - This has a video at the top, questions to help you get familiar, Apply section is great for more wordy/Exam type questions and the answers are at the end under the tick/cross image.

MathsGenie - Has topics arranged by grade, videos, practice questions and exam questions.

Increasingly Difficult Questions - As it suggests these get a step harder each question.

Maths Made Easy - Good videos and explanations

Maths Angel - Youtube Channel Revision Videos

JustMaths - Modern style exam questions, for when you want to push yourself on a topic.

Geogebra - Shapes - Great for playing with shapes, a good visualisation tool for transformations In the top right corner, press settings and turn on gridlines.

Geogebra - Graphs - Great for checking out graphs